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Dr. Zedric K. Clayton, II is the Senior Pastor of The City of Truth in Clarksdale, MS. He is married to Mrs. Erica L. Clayton and is the father of two beautiful daughters, Mariah and Madison. 


Zedric Clayton, affectionately called Bishop Zed, is a native of Memphis, TN. At the tender age of three he began exhibiting signs of a higher calling, as he passionately expressed his love and desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


With the mission of healing the hearts of believers through the word of God, he accepted his call to ministry at age 12. Bishop Zed’s ministry focuses on bridging the gap between religion and reality by educating the people of God through a relevant word. His ministry crosses ethnic, generational, and denominational boundaries, by seeking to minister to all demographics. In 2018, Zedric Clayton celebrated 20 years of ministry and was consecrated a bishop. 


Clayton received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Organizational Management from Crichton College and a Master of Christian Studies from the Union University School of Theology and Missions, and a Doctor of Ministry in Church Growth and Revitalization from Memphis Theological Seminary.


Bishop Clayton's leadership The City of Truth has grown from 35 members in 2012 to well over 700 members today, making it one of the fastest growing churches in the Mississippi Delta. The City of Truth has a strong commitment to evangelism and community outreach and has committed a significant portion of its budget to those efforts. It is Bishop Zed’s philosophy that ministry should be Christ centered and people focused. In 2020, Clayton was appointed to serve on the school board for the Clarksdale Municipal School District. 

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