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Pastor Angela Ceazer is a dynamic, internationally acclaimed Prophetess and Evangelical leader. She is a native of Houston, Texas and relocated at a young age. On March 13, 2022, she was elected as the senior pastor of The City of Truth.

Once she accepted her calling and became ordained in 2010, Pastor Ceazer birthed a ministry and faithfully traveled throughout the United States and internationally fueled by her passion to fulfill God’s purpose and the divine calling and destiny placed on her life. Pastor Ceazer believes in sharing her story and being transparent in an effort to encourage men and women all over the world as well as exhort the name of God.

 In addition to growing a ministry, Pastor Ceazer has labored under the leadership of Pastor Gary Faulkner at Omni Church in Memphis, Tennessee where she served as the assistant pastor. A dedicated student and scholar, Pastor Ceazer is currently completing a Degree in Biblical Studies at Belhaven University. 

Throughout her short ministerial span she has been known to tackle relevant issues in these tumultuous times and encourage her listeners to invoke spiritually mature habits to deal with everyday issues. In the midst of everything, Pastor Ceazer is determined to pursue her purpose. She is definitely “A Woman with a Story”.

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